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Although working together in a therapy relationship isn’t something that’s possible right now, here are some other options for you to explore:

An ONLINE COURSE for couples
with Dr. Sarah Salzman
You can take on your own, or with your partner

Are you:

  • Having trouble finding a couples therapist?
  • Uneasy talking in front of a stranger?
  • Concerned about the cost of couples therapy?

Couples Communication Made EasyBe Seen. Be Heard. Be Understood.

A step-by-step online course covering all the foundational communication skills and tools you need to feel close and connected to the one you love the most.

Couples Communication Made Easy might be all you need, or it’s a great foundation to make your work in therapy more efficient and focused once you’re able to get in with a couple’s therapist.

Please note: this course is not therapy, and is not a substitute for therapy.

Take the Couples Communication QUIZEvery couple has a door between them.
How open is yours?

Take the FREE 2-minute quiz to know which of the 5 Communication Zones you're currently in, and learn the perfect next steps to get closer and more connected to your partner.